Dear Tommy's  Blue Agave members- all 7000 + of you!  As you may know, with all of the new additions in the tequila market place and all of the generations of Tommy's Blue Agave Club cards out there and the creation of a new tequila category by the powers that be, it is time to renew everyone's cards!  Starting this Monday, December 4, 2006 and continuing until we swap out all of our old cards from you, please come in and turn in your old card for a new and improved one!  Looking forward to seeing many old faces!  Happy Holidays!
Are You Tequila Literate?

At Tommy's, you can join the wold's largest Tequila Tasting Club!!
Membership into Tommy's Blue Agave Club is only $10.00!
Upon graduation, receive,

Tommy's Tequila Master Booklet
An oak framed Tequila Master Diploma

and a very cool

Tommy's Tequila Master T-shirt.

Thank you for showing interest in Tommy's Blue Agave Club, the largest tequila tasting club in the world. Our goal is to promote 100% blue agave tequila and create the most knowledgeable tequila connoisseurs in the world.  We count over 7,000 members worldwide and "graduates" on five continents!
The first level of the club is called the Master Level.  Tuition is $10. The new member receives a blue Master card that lists our selection. It is broken down by category: Joven Abocado, Silver or Blanco, Reposado,  Añejo and Extra Añejo.  At this level, the student graduates by tasting 35 different tequilas.  There is no time limit,  but tastings are conducted only Sunday through Thursday.  There is  a maximum of three  tastes per visit.  At the time of graduation the student receives an oak framed diploma, a Tequila Master t-shirt and  a Tequila  Master Booklet.
Upon completion of the Master level, the student is invited to  join the Ph.D. level and earn his or her "doctorate" in tequila. Tuition is complimentary.  The Master receives a  red Ph.D. card.  At this time, the Master decides whether or not  to  become a regular Doctor of Tequila or a Ninja Master. In either case the Master must try  another 35 different tequilas. The regular Ph.D. candidate can enjoy his selections either in margaritas or neat in snifters.  The Ninja Master can enjoy his selections only in snifters.  At this level, we offer the Ph.D.  candidate different tequilas unavailable to the Master candidate.  These are tequilas that are either no longer available or extremely rare. The extremely rare products are allowed to be sampled only in snifters.   The candidate graduates after his or her  tastings and after  the  successful completion (80% or better) of a written examination with 70 questions  that covers fermentation, distillation, tequila regions, brands, and Blue Agave Club personalities.  This exam must be completed in 25 minutes or less. The reward at the doctoral level is either a black Ph.D. t-shirt or an embroidered Ninja Master soldier shirt.
The apex of  tequila education at Tommy's culminates in becoming a "Demi-God" of tequila. This is the Doctor of Tequila who brings us proof that he or she  has visited tequila distilleries in the denomination of origin. Tommy's then bestows the title of Demi-God of Tequila.  If you are a member in good standing, and you have passed your PHD exam, you can put yourself on a waitlist  to go to Jalisco with us.  Tommy's has taken hundresd of people to Mexico from all over the world.  Often imitated, never duplicated!

Current Blue Agave Club members:

Much more to come! Keep an eye out for Dr. Kern in this space